What do you do at Allen Construction?

I am responsible for tracking, monitoring and driving new business at Allen. This includes recruiting and managing our pre-construction team and serving as the liaison with the production team. I also play a role as a project developer for new and returning Allen clients.


Where do you live?

I live on the Westside of Santa Barbara with my wife,  Andrea, six year old son, Wiley and dog, Batman. We love the neighborhood community and the ability to walk to everything we need.

A typical day in the life looks like……

In the morning before heading to the office I map out my day, answer emails and make phone calls to check in on active construction projects. I walk my son to school and then drive to work. My days are typically interspersed with Allen team and one on one meetings, client meetings and focused time developing client projects and sales metrics. I occasionally will squeeze in a little exercise before dinner with the family and then work on getting my son ready for bed. A good evening is relaxing with my wife watching a show or reading.

Your proudest achievement

The birth of my son is pretty hard to beat (but the achievement goes to my wife there.) Designing and building my own home in Northern California is the other one. This was done over three years on nights and weekends in my twenties and taught me a great deal about how to build efficiently (and how not to.)

We wouldn’t know it to look at you, but….

I played the bassoon in high school, I have backpacked the John Muir Trail, and I lost two teeth in a soccer match…..recently.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the construction industry?

Find a mentor who cares about your success, don’t be afraid to ask questions, accept your failures and learn from them, and soak up everything as if you were expected to teach it the next day.  Thick skin helps in this industry but success will come to those who are dependable, eager to learn and always smiling.