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What do you do at Allen Construction?
I am a pre-construction project manager on the sales team in Santa Barbara. I help develop projects by giving our clients information ranging from preliminary estimates and feasibility studies to contract ready budgets and detailed scopes of work ready for production.

Where do you live?
I live on the Mesa with four other housemates: one graduate student, two other working professionals, and one lovably boisterous mutt named Remy.

A typical day in the life looks like……
I generally head straight to the office and dive into anything from client consultations, team meetings, job walks, trade calls, or building project estimates. After work I like to get some exercise and (try to) eat a healthy meal before calling it a day.

What’s your proudest achievement?
I’m pretty proud of the life I have here in Santa Barbara. I left New York in 2013, hoping I could make a home for myself out west with gentle winters, fun surf, great fishing, a career in the building industry, a network of close friends, and I can say that I’ve done that. Allen’s been with me for almost the entire way, and I’m really grateful to have been accepted by a company filled with such good people.

We wouldn’t know it to look at you, but….
Considering how much time I spend building things on paper, I actually really like getting my hands dirty and building in real life. I’m in the process of replacing a rotted second story deck at my house, and I’m looking forward to making some saw dust and figuring out all the details.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the construction industry?
I would advise someone to find the best builder in town, be it a company or individual, and see if you can find a spot on their team. Learning how to do things right the first time around, be it a construction detail, or how to interact with trades or clients, will set you up for success down the road