Landscape Trends

From Ben, Nate and the Crew at Allscape Design + Installation

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Landscaping is a passion of ours and we look forward to each project whether unique, contemporary, traditional or nontraditional. Landscape trends emerge in the industry continuously; typically created by environmental shifts, the housing market, personal trends and fads, and other causes. It is up to the construction and landscaping companies to keep up with these trends to better serve our customers and be ahead of the curve.

Trend #1: Expanding Hardscapes

Expanding Hardscapes can fall into multiple categories but most recognizable is enhancing patios and decking, sitting areas and creating space for recreational use. By expanding these areas, you are adding value to your landscape while reducing water volume and maintenance upkeep. It also helps homeowners create a space in their yard, whether front or back, to enjoy the outdoors. If designed right, adding an extension from your house with an outdoor living space, will inspire homeowners to venture out from the confines of their home.

Trends #2: Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic lawns have been on the rise within the landscape industry due to water savings and water restrictions through drought periods. The products have improved exponentially and created a substitute for lawns that require high water yields, high maintenance, and fertilization, which tends to decline over long periods. Fabrics are becoming more pet-friendly and heat-resistant while creating a natural lawn appearance.

Trends #3: Edible Garden Areas

This landscape trend is the fastest growing trend we have noticed. Fruit trees and veggie garden boxes are becoming a requested landscape feature we are including in designs and implementing in installations. Many homeowners want the ability to grow natural, organic products on your own grounds to support a healthier way of life. Pesticide education is striking our industry and people are acknowledging the health concerns surrounding crop pesticides. What better way to weed this out of your diet than to grow it yourself, and have full control of organics plus your own selections of herbs, fruits and veggies. Efficient irrigation systems are assisting with this farm-to-table trend making it easy to irrigate using minimal water. This leads us to trend #4.

Trend #4: Efficient Irrigation Systems

Efficient irrigation systems can be as easy as swapping out standard spray nozzles to efficient nozzles such as MP Rotators, Toro Precisions or Rainbird Rotary nozzles. These types of nozzles reduce water outputs per minute by providing larger droplet sizes and minimizing mist, which is most commonly seized from evapotranspiration. Another irrigation trend is subterranean drip systems. These systems allow for dripline to be buried beneath the soil surface and release water at a set spacing to hydrate plants’ root zones only. No overspray. Netafim is a main manufacturer in the drip and sub drip industry. Smart controllers have been on the rise in the landscape industry at a homeowner level. More homeowners are involved in their water usage and like the control through the “easy to use” apps from their phone. With water costs only going up, homeowners are becoming more and more aware. Rainbird, Hunter and other products such as Rachio all have created this technology to assist with water management.

Trend #5: Outdoor Entities

Creating an outdoor space overlaps with trend #1 expanding hardscapes. There are so many ways to build a landscape that is not all softscape material. Fire pits, bocce courts, outdoor kitchens, arbors, trellises, and low voltage lighting are all items that fall under outdoor entities. Incorporating a living space with activity and a night presence really enhances a property and adds to the usability of your landscape.

Outdoor fire pits have been in the highest demand. They are easy to build, when natural gas is provided, easy to use, and people love the heat effect and night presence. Bocce courts are on the rise for families and homeowners that love to host. They can duplicate the feeling of being at a winery-type setting, and when incorporated with night lighting, becomes a special spot in the yard. Lastly, outdoor kitchens and arbors have been growing in popularity providing outdoor living spaces that allow you to experience the open-air while being a few steps from your own back door.