Want some important tips for home maintenance? The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer and blooming flowers and leaves are clogging up your gutters. These things are the tell tale signs that spring has arrived. Now that the heavy winter storms are behind us, we at Allen Care and Repair have put together some easy and fast home safety and maintenance tips important for all homeowners. Make sure that you take the time to give your property a once over each spring and fall. Know what you can do yourself and when to call in a professional. Always remember, ‘If you don’t know…call a pro!’

The time change came on March 11th this year. When we spring our clocks forward for the year it can be signal to check our home’s fire prevention system. Smoke alarm maintenance is easy to do, but also easy to forget. Use the time change as a reminder to change out the battery in each smoke alarm. Invest in your family’s safety once per year by doing this simple task. As summer approaches its a perfect time to practice your family’s emergency preparedness by developing and practicing a family fire drill. This can be a fun activity for young children and something to continuously reinforce as they grow.

2017 was a record breaking rain and snow year across California. Heavy weather can cause damage to the facade home over time. In the spring as weather is more warm and dry its a good time to check your exterior woodworking for any delaminating, splitting or cracking. If you notice any  degradation of paint coatings or peeling of pain surfaces call a painting professional right away. As paint wares away it invites in wood rot. Once the rot sets in it becomes incredibly difficult and expensive to fix. Rotten wood also invites in termites and other pests. Softer wood is much more appetizing than clean dry wood. So if you see some paint damage and are thinking of putting it of, don’t! A small amount of maintenance now can prevent compounded damage and costly remediation in the future.

Spring is a time to check your roof and roof structures. Storms of winter and windy conditions in the spring can cause trees to lose limbs. Make sure to get a professional roofer to inspect damage. If you have leaks, don’t try to repair them yourself. Often times a leak inside the house can be a signal for a greater problem originating with the roof. It’s OK to safety get on a ladder and inspect your own room, but be SAFE and SMART about it. Call a professional if you have a Spanish Tile roof. Avoid walking on tile roofs as they are slippery and unstable to walk on. They also break easily which can lead to more costly repairs. When inspecting a flat roof, look for clean gutters and drainage areas. Its easy to neglect our roof. Just remember that debris can build up over time. If a drainage system is blocked it can cause water to build up compromising the integrity of the home. Leaks and mold are never a good outcome. So take a look up there each spring and make sure everything is clean and flowing.