Fire Rebuilds

Following recent fires, including the Thomas, Tea and Jesusita fires, we have helped, or are currently helping, numerous homeowners rebuild the homes they had lost. In rebuilding a home lost to fire or building a new home in a high fire area, Allen Construction can provide design and material suggestions to provide fire safe construction. Eliminating the “weak links” is the key to reducing a home’s susceptibility to fire. Our experience with scores of fire-loss rebuilds in high fire areas and our research of fire-safe designs and products have given us the knowledge to guide our clients in the direction of fire safety.

We can also help with planning for the rebuild process through the following services:

  • Demolition and erosion protection
  • Setting up temporary power and utilities
  • Offering suggestions for architects, engineers, and other experts
  • Providing value engineering (getting the best of what you want for the budget you have available)
  • Sharing our expertise to make your rebuilt home more energy-efficient, healthful, and fire-safe
  • Working to expedite the process

We are proud to have helped many of our clients begin the rebuilding process after a fire, including navigating the building department process and expediting rebuilding.

Please contact Eric Johnson, (805) 896-7099 at Allen Construction if you are in need of assistance with a fire rebuild.



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Fire Resistant Projects

Below are a few of the fire resistant new homes Allen built following local wildfires.