Disaster Recovery

We are devastated by what has happened as a result of the Thomas Fire, in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. With offices and employees in both areas, we want to reach out to assist those that have been affected in any way we possibly can.

Disaster Recovery – Locals Helping Locals

In 2018, we are holding informative workshops for people who have lost their home to the Thomas Fire or the Montecito Mudflow.  The workshop topics include:

  • How to Understand Your Insurance Policy and Navigate the Settlement Process
  • Next Steps to Rebuilding Your Home

Please call Karen Feeney for more information or to RSVP: (805) 324-5721.

Having worked with numerous clients following the Painted Cave (1990), Tea (2008), and Jesusita (2009) Fires in Santa Barbara, Allen Construction gained considerable experience in disaster recovery and helping homeowners navigate the insurance and building department process, realize their entitled insurance benefits, and expedite the rebuilding process.  This experience also applies to homes that have experienced damage due to the post-fire mudflow.

Immediately following the Tea and Jesusita Fires, Allen Construction helped 66 homeowners recoup the maximum settlement amount from their insurance companies.  In addition, we helped 33 homeowners rebuild the homes they had lost.  Over the years, we have also assisted numerous clients who have lost their home due to a site specific fire.

Mudflow Clean-up & Rebuilding

Many residents of Montecito are currently experiencing the need for disaster recovery, including extensive mud cleanup and debris removal.  In many cases, homes will need repair and, in other cases, full reconstruction.  Allen Construction is here to guide you through this process.  Please call Ian Cronshaw, (805) 331-2178, if you are in need of assistance following the Montecito Mudflow. The direct number for Allen Construction’s Santa Barbara office on Milpas Street is (805) 884-8777.

Fire Safe Construction in High Fire Areas

In rebuilding a home lost to fire, or building a new home in a high fire area, Allen Construction can provide design and material suggestions to provide fire safe construction. Eliminating the “weak links” is the key to reducing a home’s susceptibility to fire. Our experience with fire-loss rebuilds in high fire areas and our research of fire-safe designs and products have given us the knowledge to guide our clients in the direction of fire safety.

Insurance-Related Assistance

Allen Construction can offer you the following insurance-related assistance:

  • Serving as a knowledgeable ally in your interactions with your insurance adjuster
  • Reviewing your insurance policy and suggesting strategies to maximize your settlement (often in collaboration with the nonprofit CARE)
  • Acquiring copies of your as-built plans from the county or city archives
  • Preparing a complete, detailed estimate of current replacement costs—“like for like”—for your home
  • Identifying all code upgrades that apply
  • Working with landscapers and arborists to get a complete insurance settlement for lost or damaged trees and plants
  • Engaging a structural engineer to evaluate footings and caissons for possible reuse

We are proud to have helped many of our clients begin the rebuilding process after a fire, including navigating the insurance and building department process, realizing their entitled insurance benefits, and expediting rebuilding. We provide these services on an hourly basis under a pre-construction agreement, estimating in advance how long a requested service will take and how much it will cost. The client remains in control of each part of the process, and fees are credited back if the client selects us to do the rebuild construction work.

Planning Services

We can help with planning for the rebuild process through the following services:

  • Demolition and erosion protection
  • Setting up temporary power and utilities
  • Offering suggestions for architects, engineers, and other experts
  • Providing value engineering (getting the best of what you want for the budget you have available)
  • Sharing our expertise to make your rebuilt home more energy-efficient, healthful, and fire-safe
  • Working to expedite the process

Please contact Eric Johnson, (805) 896-7099 at Allen Construction if you are in need of assistance following the Thomas Fire. The direct number for Allen Construction’s Ventura office on Main Street is (805) 641-0839.

Top Tips for Fire Safe Construction

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Fire Resistant Projects

Below are a few of the fire resistant new homes Allen built following local wildfires.