Fertility / Surgical Center

Every effort was made in this state-of-the art expansion and remodel of the Santa Barbara Fertility Center to ensure the healthiest of indoor environments and create a welcoming, comfortable experience for patients. These goals were accomplished with the selection of finishes that are beautiful to the eye and will create an interior more like a home than a doctor’s office, while the materials meet strident performance and air quality requirements. Construction techniques and systems designed to improve the potential for fertility success were key elements of the project. An internationally recognized consultant, Alpha Environmental, experienced in creating state-of-the-art fertility labs was also part of the design team.

Examples of these efforts:

  • The client waiting area and exam rooms feature bamboo floors, cabinetry with both painted and glass faces, natural daylighting from skylights, a soothing paint palette on walls finished with zero VOC paint, and beautifully tiled restrooms.
  • Elements of the new surgery suite – complete with invitro lab and operating room – include a terrazzo floor, a beautiful and resilient product that does not off-gas chemicals.
  • The state-of-the-art lab features stainless steel countertops and cabinetry for durability and cleanliness, and HVAC air handling systems that exceed traditional code requirements.

Photographer: Jim Bartsch

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