Santa Barbara Breezehouse

Santa Barbara Breezehouse

The clients originally intended to renovate the existing, 1960s-era home on their property. Unfortunately, every builder they interviewed told them to tear it down. While exploring their options, they came upon the “Sunset Breezehouse”—a modular, prefabricated design debuted by Sunset magazine in 2005. The Breezehouse is centered around a site-built, glass-enclosed breezeway—the “BreezeSpace”—that “lets the green in” to the main living and dining areas, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior. Decks at the front and rear of the home further integrate nature and living. Naturalistic landscaping incorporates local and site-found materials to seamlessly blend the home with the land and the larger setting. The Breezehouse meets the Energy Star program standards for energy-efficient homes and the performance standards of the American Lung Association’s Healthy House program. (Architect: Michelle Kaufmann Studio.)


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