Energy Efficiency

Building Health

Improved air quality, noise and temperature control, and a clear conscience. An energy efficient building is synonymous with well-being. We have the right tools to test, diagnose, and treat your home, proposing solutions that will make it use less energy and become a healthier space.


We look at five key areas in which to recommend energy efficiency upgrades:


We identify sources of carbon monoxide, combustion gases and fire hazards. If concerns are found we provide the necessary upgrades to increase the structure’s overall safety.


Your indoor environment has an impact on your health. Our assessments and upgrades ensure that pollutants such as lead, asbestos, mold, humidity, indoor pollutants, and allergens are safely remediated and controlled.


Discomfort can be caused from hot and cold temperatures, drafts, humidity, smells, and many other factors. Every home or business is different and everyone’s comfort needs are unique. We assess the structure and make prioritized recommendations.


Using payback and return on investment as our criteria, we review your home or business to find the most financially sensible energy efficiency upgrades for your appliances, saving you the most money with the least out of pocket costs.


We’ll provide strategic recommendations to help you harness the power of the sun to provide electricity, heat your water, or charge your electric car.