Mediterranean Lived In Remodel

A number of previous remodels had refined the interior of this home – originally constructed in the 1980’s. The exterior, however, had not been touched. The primary goal of this remodel was to address the dated and energy inefficient exterior doors and windows. The clients selected replacements that were the best quality and aesthetic products on the market – energy efficient windows and doors with a bronze, clad exterior, custom distressed and stained locally. The clients chose to live in the house during the remodel. Even though they were able to take a couple of strategically timed vacations during extremely invasive periods, keeping the project site dust free and comfortably livable for the clients was the biggest project challenge. Plastic partitions with zippers were installed to isolate rooms. The completed product gave the house the finished, Mediterranean look the clients had hoped for, along with improved energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Architect: Wade Davis Design
Photography: Jim Bartsch