Historic Hotel Milo

A multi-phase restoration of many of the features of this historic hotel, originally built on the waterfront in the 1930’s, is the primary focus of this project. Key elements being restored include the walkway decks and columns, lobby, ADA upgrades, exterior staircases, and the pool/pool decks. Two keys to this project’s ongoing success is minimal impact to guest experience and business revenues as we continue to improve the infrastructure of the historic hotel.

Designed by Cearnal & Andrulaitis Architects and Turturro Design Studio.


Before: Sagging roof line, rotted/leaky roof, exposed edging on roof, heavy vine that stressed deck, rotted/leaky deck, rotting columns, exposed and vulnerable utilities, exposed electrical and fire alarm conduits, broken gutters and water diversion
After: New roof with gutters and drip edging, ADA code compliant railing, new decking with integrated waterproofing, trimmed vines, hidden conduits and pipes, structurally sound deck, replaced columns that seamlessly blend old and new, new soffit for utilities, new joists


Before: Leaky plumbing to pool and spa, cracked/flaking deck surface, cracked/rusty conduits and drains, ponding water on deck with no drainage, faulty sewer under pool deck
After: New poured-in-place pool deck, new pool and spa surface, tile, entry rails, new electrical and plumbing with auto-fill, new ADA-compliant chairs, new deck drainage system


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