Contemporary Hillside Home

This new 2,000 sq. ft. contemporary hillside home was constructed on a lot where the original home was destroyed in the 2009 Jesusita Fire. With that history in mind, architect Peter Becker designed a custom home with both classic contemporary design elements as well as fire resistant features that will give the home a greater chance of survival should another wildland fire occur. The major elements of the home include:

  • Elimination of all combustible materials, or “weak links,” on the exterior of the home. As a result, the exterior, fire resistant shell consists of smooth-finish plaster siding, aluminum clad windows, and a Class A fire-rated roof.
  • In addition, all exterior decks have a urethane finish that is not only fire resistant but waterproof as well.
  • Large roof extensions over south facing windows provide shade and reduce heat gain in summer months.
  • Decorative bands of painted, cement board trim creating horizontal and vertical bands of color on all faces add to the contemporary style of the home.
  • Expansive interior walls flawlessly showcase the owners’ art collection.
  • Large floor to ceiling windows allow abundant natural light into interior spaces and 18 ft. tall ceilings in the living room and master bedroom create the illusion that the spaces are larger than they are.

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