Now Trending in Luxury Bathroom Design

One of the primary areas of the home that owners are interested in renovating are their bathrooms. We sat down with our team to discover what is currently trending in sustainable luxury bathroom design with our clients.

What overall looks, styles, materials, finishes and features are popular today for the bathroom?

Clean lines, unfussy details, fresh color palates of whites and light finishes are popular in today’s bathrooms. People want their bathrooms to feel like a tranquil, serene spa. Double sinks are a must, an additional sit-down vanity or linen storage are nice additions.

What looks and styles are trending for bath tubs?

Many of our clients are omitting the tub in lieu of a larger, more luxurious shower with upgrades like steam and body jets. We do still have clients who keep their tub, but those clients USE the tub and would miss it. Others are choosing to omit tubs from the master bath as long as there is at least one tub somewhere else in the house.

How can you give your bathroom a modern look without it becoming dated in the future?

Natural stones in muted, classic colors have withstood for hundreds of years and will never go out of style. One idea is to go neutral on the hard finishes and add pops of color with soft goods – towels, flowers, accessories. These things can be easily switched out to keep up with color trends.

What’s trending in bathroom lighting design?

Trending now are industrial modern type fixtures, but that’s not for every look. Lighting should be fun and personal, and can always be changed later pretty easily. Efficient lighting and ventilation have become enforced trends. Companies are offering integrated solutions for any combination of high efficiency lighting, night lights, ventilation and even skylights. There are also some simple, creative solutions that can help to mask their utilitarian appearance. 

What are some ideas to reduce water use without sacrificing a luxe look?

Most new fixtures fit the low flow requirements, without sacrificing luxury – and if they don’t come standard as low flow, there are flow regulators that can be applied to most fixtures to save water. Greywater systems can recycle the water from the sink or shower. Companies like Sloan and Saniflow offer simple under-counter units that pump the recycled water to flush the toilet. These units are typically under $500 and can save up to 6000 gallons a year. Laundry to landscape graywater systems are becoming more popular, but shower and sink lines can also be diverted to water lawns and other decorative landscape. This requires some attention to the soaps and products that go down the drain, and does require a professional to properly separate and route the greywater supply, as it is typically combined with post-toilet flushed “black water.” Since these types of systems are usually passive (requires no power, operates with gravity) they can be relatively cheap to install, especially during new construction.

Water heating is another area. An on-demand water heater in combination with either a recirculating loop or solar hot water can significantly reduce the water wasted while you are waiting for it to get hot. A recirculating loop will circulate the water until it is hot at the fixture, at which point you can turn it on A simple solar water tank like a SolPal can provide instant start up hot water until the heater kicks in.