Design Trend: The Low-Tech Living Room

The more we are bombarded with technology, the greater our need to escape it. Many homeowners these days are yearning for “safe spaces” free of technology. Enough so, in fact, that the low-tech living room is starting to trend for certain segments of the population. We love this trend, because it enables us to help homeowners create spaces that encourage human interaction, invite the outdoors in, and embark upon creative activities such as reading, writing, and more.

If creating a space free from digital distractions sounds tantalizing to you, here are four living room makeover tips to consider:

  1. Create a focal point devoid of electronics. For instance, a beautiful fireplace.
  2. Position your furniture in a way that takes advantage of a view from a window or encourages conversation.
  3. Plan custom cabinetry or built-ins to hide electronics. Armoire pieces of furniture are an effective way to hide electronic components.
  4. If you decide to completely remove electronics/devices from the living room, there are more than likely more appropriate rooms to store and/or use these devices in your home. Home office spaces, project rooms, and bonus rooms are good alternatives for such activities.

As with any good design, a digital-free room design needs to be deliberate. A good designer can provide discernment and direction in both evaluating and directing solutions for homeowners.