As the son of a Military family, Justin has traveled all over the world and finally put down roots in Santa Barbara. He has been in the construction industry for over 20 years, starting in the trenches as a laborer. Through the years, due to a strong work ethic and great mentors, he quickly moved up the ranks, completing many award-winning homes and working in every part of the process “from dirt to doorknobs.” 

Justin attained his General Contractors license in 2008. In addition to his structural experience, he has many years of working in cabinet and custom door shops. Now, with almost 10 years of estimating experience, Justin loves solving problems and crunching numbers, helping homeowners understand project costs, working with the trade contractors he has built relationships with, and watching a house on paper turn into a clients’ dream home.  

Outside of work, Justin loves everything alternative. He has lived in a custom, off grid, “Tiny House” that he built himself, lived in an even smaller “Cobb” house made of earth, and traveled to Mexico to teach sustainable building techniques. He has a son who lives in Utah. Finally, music, rock climbing, fishing, and hot spring hunting are also on the list of fun he looks for in life with his dog, Jalapeño.