Get the Facts on Energy Storage Rebates

California Utilities are working together on a program encouraging all electricity customers to install energy storage devices with big rebates. This program is called the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) . The SGIP – was created by the CPUC in March 2001 to offer financial incentives to their customers who install certain types of distributed generation to meet all or a portion of their energy needs. Rebates are directed specifically to customers who install energy storage systems or other self generation projects for their residence. Storage qualifies on its own regardless of whether or not a home has an installed solar system. Allen Energy is taking the initiative to help existing and potential customers navigate through the process to achieve the highest rebate possible. The goals of this program being to reduce emissions of green house gasses, support the grid by shifting peak demand and improving efficiency and transforming the market to support technologies that have the potential to thrive in future years without rebates.

Basic Rules of SGIP Participation

  • Application fee is 5% of requested rebate
  • Energy Audits are required
  • 20% cap on incentives from one developer
  • No minimum contribution
  • Systems must discharge the equivalent of 130 full discharges per year for commercial and 52 for residential.
  • Performance Based Incentive for systems larger than 30kW; 50% upfront and 50% over five years.

If you believe in the advantages of transitioning away from a fossil-fuel-based economy to one based on renewable generation sources, get used to the idea of energy storage as a companion product. The intermittent nature of nature and the volatile quality of electricity make storage and integral part in any successful solar system. California is making it easier for you to be an energy storage trailblazer with a hefty rebate that can offset up to 50% of the project cost

Typical Incentive Rates for various system sizes

So you may be saying “I have a solar and have been considering energy storage”. Its well worth the investment. In addition to the SGIP, if you purchase your energy storage system coupled with a solar electric system, both project’s costs are eligible for an Investment Tax Credit equal to as up to 30% of the net cost of the two projects together. Incentives are calculated by comparing your energy use to a per MWh produced and/or a time of duration for your storage. This could be some major savings depending on the size and production capacity of the system.

Typical Incentive Amounts 


In order to make sure you are ready, here are some upcoming dates to be aware of; 
April 10, 2017
, Soft opening. Applications can log into the portal and begin working on applicationsConsidering the increased quality of residential energy storage products and these significant incentives, we expect high demand for the funds. It is important to note that there are a limited amount of resources available, and we expect that they will be claimed in a matter of days. Dates to be aware of;

May 1, 2017 Applicants can submit for Step 1 funding.

Do not delay! The program administration will start accepting reservations no earlier than the dates above and funding is limited. Now is the time to learn whether you have what it takes to support the renewable energy transition. You can count on us (and on the state) to facilitate the mission for you! Contact your friendly Allen Energy representative today with any questions.