Commercial Projects

Known for our knowledge of and experience with managing complex, LEED-based projects, we have completed commercial construction jobs ranging from tenant improvements to new structures.

At Allen Construction, our focus is not only on building high quality structures, but also building best-in-class relationships. As such, we understand that clear communication is the key to success. Our field management staff have all been trained in and employ our standard Allen process to track and maintain project documentation. Items such as RFIs, submittals, meeting notes, and most importantly, schedules follow a consistent format for projects of any scale. In addition, all of our project teams use ProCore to create, track, and maintain all project data in one place for all players involved.

Since 1983, we have bred a company culture of creativity. What may be unconventional to most contractors is standard fare for Allen Construction. We believe that Allen’s unique combination of residential and commercial production experience along with extensive preconstruction planning expertise enables us to understand how all of your building systems integrate so that we can consider your project more holistically. This approach minimizes changes to the budget and schedule and ensures we consider overall impact during the course of construction.

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