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"Allen Care and Repair is very professional and I have had a lot of work done by them and would use them again."

-John and Nancy S.,Santa Barbara

"It is always a pleasure to work with Allen Care and Repair, which is why I continue to contract with them and recommend them to my friends."

-Rob R. and Susan S.,Santa Barbara

"[Our] project manager did a very good job communicating with us, proactively, about all aspects of the project, including changes to the schedule and explanations of the work being done. Allen [Care & Repair] carpenters do excellent quality work."

-David O. and Diana D.,Ventura

"[Our Project Manager] was really a pleasure to work with. He was always on time, and if anything ever went wrong, we certainly didn't know it! He kept his composure at all times, even during stressful events. He was easy to communicate with, and made sure that all of our requests were met seamlessly. We have great confidence in [him], and he did an amazing job managing all of the sub contractors on our project."

-Abby R.,Montecito

"I have used Allen Care and Repair many times over the past years, and their work has always stood up to time and never has to be done again. Also, they know what they are doing; the company that fixed the leak between the window and the flashing were not successful; it had to be done again and again until Allen Care and Repair fixed it finally."

-Don and Sheila J.,Santa Barbara

"Allen's reputation preceded them as being an easy experience. I expected the best and have received just that."

-Anthony and Kyra R.,Santa Barbara