What is A+?

  • A+ is a vision for a dramatic PARADIGM shift in green building.
  • A+ offers a PARTNERSHIP providing comprehensive design support for projects.
  • A+ is on-the-ground success in marrying sustainable PERFORMANCE to design aesthetics.
  • A+ is the uncompromising PASSION for sustainability at Allen Construction.

+ Paradigm

A+ is not about incremental change. We’re pursuing a paradigm shift in sustainable construction—embracing a vision in which buildings have truly positive impact, instead of settling for minimizing their negative impact. Our mission is to achieve rapid and dramatic change in the way we design and construct buildings. A+ is about looking beyond Title 24 and Zero Net Energy, and realizing the future now.

+ Partnership

A+ is comprehensive and integrated design support for projects, providing expertise to architects, designers, homeowners, and business owners alike. We offer energy modeling, cost optimization, building assembly analysis and details, renewables and energy storage design, coordination of the MEP consultants towards targeted performance outcomes, and water design. A+ is a tactical addition to your team enabling achievement of sustainability goals—whether meeting the aggressive new Title 24 energy code, or beyond.

+ Performance

A+ is the marriage of uncompromising craftsmanship with advanced building science, to achieve on-the-ground measurable performance in your project. A+ buildings boast much more than energy and water efficiency. They maximize owner comfort and indoor air quality, and endure for generations. A+ supports the realization of an aesthetically exquisite design vision with regenerative, resilient performance under the hood.

+ Passion

We’re not new to this game. Allen Construction has been the green building leader for more than 30 years. For employees at all levels of our company, sustainability is both a professional and a deeply personal mission. A+ is about the entire team—owner, architect, and builder—committing to a symbiosis between structure, occupants, and site.
If this sounds like the kind of project you want to build, we want to be part of your team.

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