Energy Efficiency is our top priority with Allen A+

Why Allen A+ for Energy Efficient Building?

Zero Net Energy  – homes that produce as much energy as they use – and Green Building are major focal points at Allen Construction.  This year in particular Title 24 (California’s energy efficiency code) continues to get more advanced. We want to stay ahead of the industry and continue to own the leading edge in green construction.

Allen Construction is rolling out a new program for advanced sustainability called “A+.”  Allen A+ seeks to answer the key questions every client seeing energy efficiency needs to ask. Can my home or office actually give back to their site, producing more than it consumes?  Can we achieve “Net Positive?” i.e. producing more energy than is consumed? This is what A+ is all about.  We are challenging the marketplace to bring us their most advanced green projects.  No other contractor can handle this kind of project and we want to make sure everyone knows it!

With A+ Allen Construction offers “comprehensive and integrated design support” to help our clients, architects and designers create buildings that use the most cost effective energy saving strategies.  Whether an architect needs help bringing a project into compliance with the tough new Title 24 code, or a client wants to go beyond and achieve Zero Net Energy or better, A+ is about bringing together all of Allen’s resources to achieve these goals.

Allen Construction A+ Seminar Series for Local Architects

The initial outreach for A+ comes via a series of workshops for architects being offered in both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  Scott Nyborg, Sustainability Manager at Allen, leads the series. The seminar, held in January, attracted 34 architects in Santa Barbara and 16 architects in Los Angeles.  The 2nd and 3rd classes will be held at the end of February and March.  Feedback from participating architects was very positive.  In fact, there was such high demand for the first class in Santa Barbara, a 4th class was added for April!

A+ brings together Allen expertise in green construction across all Divisions to solve the sustainability challenges for architects.  Allen provides the architects with the following tools:

  • Ongoing technical support including energy modeling,
  • Cost optimization,
  • building assembly analysis and details,
  • Renewable energy integration and energy storage design,
  • Coordination of  MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) consultants to help with targeted performance outcomes
  • water system design

By offering project consulting services in these subjects, we plan to become the most valuable resource to our design community. The A+ effort will set us apart from other contractors and ensure our role as THE BEST AND MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE GREEN BUILDER in Southern California.