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We wanted to build green with a focus on contemporary design. This goal was accomplished working in partnership with AA. Our home exceeds California energy efficiency standards by over 30%. It also was awarded first place in the Santa Barbara Beautiful Awards competition. This was achieved in close concert with AA with much of the design details worked out directly with AA. Bravo!"

-Ed & Joan Tomeo,Santa Barbara

"Among the many qualities I like most about Allen Associates are:

  • The fact that they really listen, and no matter how ignorant my question might be,  they treat it with respect, and answer clearly.
  • Because this Company is Employee-owned, each worker, no matter what his or her job, takes pride in the work and it is  indeed,  quality work.
  • Exceptional, is  the fact that all the Employees take personal responsibility to see that the whole project is done right and pleases the Client,  thus  they communicate with each other outside their own job.

In short, I will always give Allen Associates my heartfelt, highest recommendations."

-Dorothy Perkins Sewell,Santa Barbara

"Allen Associates is not only the best builder and remodeler in the area. They are also a leader in the community at large. Allen Associates is nationally recognized in the green building movement, and has done much to encourage this approach locally."

-Jen Shaw,UC Santa Barbara

"The decision to hire Allen Associates transformed the experience of rebuilding our home after the Jesusita Fire, into a rich, joyful and totally satisfying experience."

-Dr. William Murdoch, Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology,Santa Barbara

"I am new to this whole renovation thing and I was a bit anxious about it all, but I must say that I could not be more pleased with the quality of your staff. In this day and age when so many are so quick to criticize when something does not go right, I think its only right that people hear about the great job they are doing when things are good! We all need a pat on the back from time to time and I am so happy I chose Allen Associates to do this job on my home that I am passionate about and hope to live in for many, many more years to come. I will be singing your praises and sending you as much work as I can. Please extend my thank you to all involved."

-Howard & Kim Schiffer,Santa Barbara

"I had heard nothing but favorable comments about your company, from construction, to finish detail, to the visual. Now that I have hired Allen Associates to build our new pool house, I understand why all of the positive reviews. Your project manager was on our site almost every day for a year. We never saw him without a smile, and he was always willing to help with the smallest, or largest, issue. In addition, he had an excellent rapport with all of the trades people that worked on the site. We are extremely happy with the final product."

-Dolphia Blocker,Santa Barbara

"Not a day goes by when we fail to admire the beauty and quality of our house, and to exclaim to each other how fortunate we are to be living in the “perfect home.” Right from the preliminary meeting we felt comfortable with Allen Associates. The initial suggestions and preliminary cost estimate were very helpful, and allowed us to put things in perspective at the beginning of the project. The choice of contractor was obvious to us, and we felt that Jim was personally invested in seeing our new home come to fruition. We were not disappointed."

-Karen & Bill Stancer,Santa Barbara

"Ben Cervantes is superb at his job. He sees clearly what needs to be done, and he knows how to do it. He manages the sequence of jobs and contractors so that they dovetail well and the project moves along. He is always alert and catches, and fixes, mistakes as they happen. Since he is bilingual, he can communicate with everyone on the job, so there is never a misunderstanding about what is going on and what needs to get done. When tricky situations arise, he is good at thinking up solutions. Ben is just plain smart."

-Joan & Bill Murdoch,Montecito

"John Scoggins has been dedicated to the construction of my new home. John and I have learned to work together over the last two and a half years. We enjoy a solid working relationship. We communicate often and, more importantly, we are able to solve most problems quickly and efficiently. Most important, John is a man of integrity and honesty. He has my absolute trust in the execution of this job. Because of his dedication and caring I will have a fabulous house and one that is perfectly built"

-Fred Steck,Santa Ynez

"Mark Hutter and Allen Associates have exceeded our best expectations. We feel blessed to be working with you. The entire project has been a joy."

-Howard Schiffer,Santa Barbara

"Our project was on-budget, of high quality, beautifully archtectured, broke new “green” ground and, I believe, met our goal of being a “model green remodel.” I want to thank Jim Morledge for his good subcontractors, good estimates and a great budget; for his project management and amazing scheduling of all the big and small steps of a project this size; for his straightforwardness, willingness, his availability and responsiveness; for his customer service and team work; and, for his regular attention to my concerns and resolving our issues with satisfaction."

-Bill & Becka Doering,San Roque

"I wanted to thank you for introducing us to Mark Hutter and letting him manage our remodel. Mark more than lived up to your company’s high standards and we are really happy with the final result. Mark did a great job managing the craftsmen while also managing our expectations and desires. He did a great job keeping us posted on various aspects of the project and we can’t say enough about his professionalism and creative ideas. There are several really nice touches in the house that were Mark’s ideas and that make this home. Thanks again for connecting us with Mark. It has been a great experience!"

-Danielle Koornwinder & Frank Gott,Santa Barbara

"John Scoggins has been the project manager for the rebuilding of our two houses and a workshop, which burned to the ground during the Jesusita Fire. The experience – which could have easily been a nightmare – has gone amazingly smoothly because of John’s exceptional qualities. His leadership was consistently superior throughout the whole 18 month process. Hardworking and efficient, John is forward thinking and prevents problems. He has a focused eye for the aesthetics of the project… John is also fun to be around and is a delightful human being."

-Dorothy Perkins Sewell & Robin Schievink,Santa Barbara