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Allen Construction has been shaping Southern California’s built environment as the area’s leading general contractor providing responsible and high-quality construction services since the business was established in 1983. Over the past three decades, we’ve expanded from a single headquarters location in Santa Barbara to three additional regional offices in West Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura, which provide local support to projects in all four areas. Similarly, we offer multiple divisions within the company that specialize in commercial construction, estates, remodeling, design, and small projects.

As pioneers in the green building movement, our team members are more than craftspeople. They are progressive thinkers who create beautiful, energy-efficient, healthy living spaces. In fact, we remodeled our own offices to reflect the same comfortable, environmentally conscious spaces we recommend to our clients. New clients come to us because of our reputation for quality and dependability. Long term clients stay with us because of our expert guidance even after the project’s completion.


Employee Owned

As an employee-owned business, the Allen team actively collaborates, celebrates, and reaps the rewards of our hard work together because we share in the company’s ownership. The employee stock option plan (ESOP) also protects the future of our company as it provides a succession plan that doesn’t hinge on a single owner’s participation in the business. (Something that’s all too frequent in the construction industry.) Our staff engages and takes ownership in projects at a level not seen from more traditional corporate builders. Every member of our staff brings a unique and valuable expertise to the project, as well as a passion for their craft and a dedication to their projects and clients.

In 2016, we were selected as the Western States ESOP company of the year, an honor we attribute to the culture and dedication that has been that each of our employees brings to the job on a daily basis.


Mission & Values

Allen Construction’s mission is to be the most innovative builder by wowing our clients, honoring our people, perfecting our craft, and improving our planet.

Unlike most traditional companies, the entire Allen organization—from laborers to executives—contributed to the development of our corporate mission statement and core values, offering thoughts with respect to what makes Allen so special during our company holiday party in late 2015. The management team culled more than 100 responses to come up with our mission and values statement, which was unveiled in early 2016. Since this time, team members have given each other shout outs that relate to each core value in our monthly ESOP newsletter, we’ve highlighted employee standouts for each core value and mission statement alignment in management communications, and we use our core values as a means by which to measure each employee’s performance during the year.

Core Values

  • Let our POSITIVITY be contagious
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE as employee owners
  • Relentlessly seek INNOVATION
  • Earn TRUST and give it freely

Management Team