Laundry to Landscape

Laundry to Landscape


Over 70% of a typical water bill in Southern California can be directly attributed to maintaining lawns and outdoor landscaping. Instead of watering the landscaping with drinkable water, greywater is a smart way to reuse and conserve water resources and
decrease your monthly costs.

At Allen, we strongly believe in not just building homes the way they’ve always been built. Rather, we believe in using the latest technologies to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

A greywater system collects used water from designated allowable sources in your home and distributes it to your plants via a well-designed piped irrigation system. The simplest system is generally a “laundry-to-landscape” system, in which a valve and drainline are added to the wasteline from the household washing machine. Utilizing gravity, additional piping distributes the greywater to the landscaping.

Each system is designed specifically for each property, and is optimized for your unique household’s water usage, landscaping, plumbing, and property layout. The most cost effective time to implement greywater is during a remodel or new build when the walls are opened up. Additional greywater or laundry to landscape piping can be installed next to traditional plumbing at a very low cost.

California’s current drought conditions have caused many municipalities to enforce strict regulations on water usage for businesses and homes. Installing a laundry to landscape system can aid in conserving water to meet city regulations, lower your monthly water bill, and help to preserve our planet’s most precious natural resource.